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OUR Story

We have been on the path to building Madrona Bay for a long time. If you ask almost anyone we went into the wine industry pretty backwards. Here is our story. . .

James Stickney Graduated from the University of Washington with a Major in microbioligy and a minor in statistics. James has a knack for numbers and seeing the bigger picture. As you get to know James you will quickly find he is a jack of all trades. Rarely will you come across a subject he isn't ready and willing to dive into. 

In 2019 James graduated with his Diploma in wine and spirits from the Wine and Spirits education trust. 

Pearce Stickney went a different route; dropping out of college to pursue a career with Starbucks coffee. Pearce worked through the ranks, managing stores in various Washington cities for the company. This career path enabled pearce to learn how to run a business from the ground up, given the privilege to learn from some of the top leaders in the Starbucks organization. In 2019 Pearce graduated with His Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. 

James and Pearce at Guildhall London for WSET Graduation

James filling barrels "trying not to make a wine fountain" -harvest 2020

For us the ultimate goal is to share our passion with you. We love wine. The marriage of theory and sensory perception. The required attention to detail and the need for luck. The advanced technology and the dependency on mother nature to be kind.

Working in a winery is humbling and at the same time invigorating. One of the most amazing feelings is to craft something, to raise it to maturity, and at the end of the journey have it bring happiness to someone. We strive for this everyday.


Pearce thinks his tattoos and syrah make a pretty great combination -harvest 2020

While Madrona Bay is our dream it isn't our only work. 

James currently works for Betz Family Winery as a bit of a jack of all trades from Warehouse management to winemaking.

Pearce is working as the tasting room manager at House of Smith Jet City. 

Weekend Market
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