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Itinerant Wines

This is a wine club that we have created to share our passion for the global wine world.


Quarterly we will have a themed set of 3 wines curated by us. We will have 2 tiers available to join.

  • Tier 1 will feature wines that offer high value to quality (in other words big bang for your buck) and will average $75 per quarter and not more than $85 

  • Tier 2 will feature wines from prestigious wineries and while they offer good value they are at a higher price due to proven quality and name brand association. will average $150 per quarter and not more than $175.


We will also have some educational opportunities to support us in our need to go into way too much detail about the wines we have chosen for a small additional fee. 

  • Livestream with one of the winemakers/importers $7

  • The remaining two wines we will give a zoom class on the regions and wineries. $7

  • Paired recipes with each of the wines created by chef Brian. $7 

  • Or all three for $15 per quarter

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